Manufactured in South Africa

History & Development

TOMCAT Chippers was founded in 2008. With the rapid growth of the South African market, a need for quality machines at market related prices led to the establishment of TOMCAT Chippers.

There are various competitors in the South African market and TOMCAT Chippers are taking control of the market in terms of durability, simplicity and best value for money in its price range. Our machines are simply built for African conditions with a strong construction.

These machines are manufactured in RSA and therefore spares are readily available. TOMCAT has 10 different chipper models which include engine driven models on a push trolley, PTO tractor driven chippers as well as engine driven units on roadworthy trailers. We specialize in 75mm/3", 100mm/4",150mm/6", 200mm/8" & 250mm/10" wood chippers.

Service, maintenance and spare parts are supplied countrywide by our agents or our component suppliers, which are:
Drive components: BMG
-Yamaha backed up by Approved dealers countrywide
-Perkins backed up by BARLOWORLD

If you have any enquiries, contact your LOCAL TOMCAT Dealer with your TOMCAT serial number and we will gladly assist you.