Blade Sharpening


A key element of running a successful chipper operation is making sure your chipper is in tip top shape and performs at its absolute best. Your chippers’ performance largely depends on the sharpness of your blades and the way they are sharpened. Blades must always be sharpened by a specialist so that the angle of the blade remains constant, which means taking the same amount of steel away on both sides of the blades so that the drum remains in balance. Sharpening blades with the wrong equipment will adjust the temper of the blade, thus decreasing its lifespan, reduce chipping efficiency and might even cause the blade to break while in operation.

To reduce downtime on your machine and lower running costs it is best to have your blades sharpened at a specialist closest to you.

Here is a list of companies in South Africa where you can have your wood chipper blades sharpened by a blade specialist,who will make sure it is done correctly and up to the highest standard.

Please note that there are many other companies in SA. We recommend these blade sharpening companies as we have received good customer feedback from these companies in the past:

Province City Company Name Contact Number
Western Cape Paarl SA Bandsaw 021 862 6151
Western Cape Knysna The Sawman 044 382 2386
Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth / Gqeberha Allcut Power Products 041 581 3627
Gauteng Benoni RB & G Blademakers SA 011 420 2583
Kwazulu Natal Durban Saw Specialists 031 461 1826