Chipper SA expands their range with new TOMCAT chippers

Chipper SA was established in 2009 as part of a civil engineering, construction and plant hire company. Since then, the wood chipper rental division has come to dominate and it has grown into the largest wood chipper rental company in the country with 10 rental machines, various trucks and a large stumpgrinder.

Since then the rental market – especially in the Western Cape – has transformed from a niche market into a mainstream one. It is now standard practice to rather chip trees, brush and other green waste instead of carting it to overfilled municipal dumpsites. Clients have realised that the by-products of the chipping process (chips and mulch) are extremely valuable and in many cases offset or even exceed the costs involved in chipping.

Chipper SA are rapidly expanding into other parts of South Africa and the Gauteng Branch was established in September of 2015 to spread awareness in Johannesburg and surrounds. Other areas that can expect branches soon are the Eastern Cape, Northern Gauteng and even the south of Namibia.

Expanding in the residential market in 2015, the company acquired a few smaller Tomcat machines. This is definitely a massive area for growth as it is becoming prohibitively expensive for smaller and residential customers to get rid of their green waste. The by-product is obviously re-used in gardens and for landscaping.

The company relies on competent staff and a variety of trucks and support vehicles to ensure the customer receives the best service possible.