Chipper Shredders (Bos-tot-Kos)

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  • 65Hp Kirloskar Air cooled Engine
  • Reversing Auto-Feed System
  • Double hydraulic in-feed rollers
  • Shredder teeth are double-sided and re-enforced with tungsten
  • Foldable feed tray
  • Double Sided Blades
  • Replaceable Anvils
  • Available in PTO
  • Drum Style Chipper
  • Shredder has side Auger Discharge
  • Easily converts to standard chipper
  • Easy Accessible and Interchangeable screens
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Hydraulic Lift Cylinder
  • Spare Wheel
  • SABS 2500Kg Roadworthy Trailer


150 AFE Chipper Shredder

The Model 150 AFE CS is the ultimate Bos-tot-Kos machine to produce bush feed!

It’s ideal for farmers who needs a high production unit to make animal feed / Bos-tot-Kos and requires one machine to do both processes using only one power source. This unit is designed with efficiency and cost saving kept in mind. The double in-feed rollers pulls in nasty thornbush with side branches such as Swarthaak (Black Thorn), Sekelbos (Sickle Bush), Prosopis and other Acacia species. The Model 150 AFE CS is extremely popular in the Namibia, Botswana, Northern Cape and certain parts of the Eastern Cape where bush encroachment and the drought has severely affected the availability of natural grass.

This all in one Bos-tot-Kos machine is one of the most versatile units on the market. Screens can change bigger or smaller, amount of hammers can be increased or decreased and the feed speed manipulated of the feed rollers all factors making a difference in the size of the end product. The Model 150 AFE CS is a self-driven unit that can chip and shred material in one pass.

This unit consist of a standard Model 150 AFE wood chipper with double in-feed rollers, a discharge chute, a shredder drum with 60 to 120 tungsten hammers, a screen and an auger to discharge the chips from the shredder drum. The chipper discharges the wood chips straight into the hopper of the shredder. The shredder component is fitted with a screen at the bottom. The material is shredded until it is fine enough to pass through. The discharge chute from the chipping component can be turned to the side when the functionality of a standard chipper is required.

The screen can easily be removed and changed with a bigger or smaller screen until the desired product size is reached. The size of the screen largely depends on the moisture content of the wood. The higher the moisture content of the material the bigger the screen and vice versa.


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Chipper Capacity (mm): 150
Chipper Opening (mm): 240 x 160
In-feed Hopper (mm): 1000 x 600
Feed System: Double hydraulic in-feed rollers
Chipper Cutting System: Drum with 2 x double sided blades
Shredder Cutting System: Drum with double-sided Tungsten teeth
Hydraulic Lift & Crush Feature: Optional
Hydraulic System: Reversing Auto Feed System
Discharge Chute: Swivel Discharge Chute into Shredder Hopper or Side Discharge
Shredder Discharge: Side discharge with auger system
Screen: 22mm Standard (18mm & 28mm Screens Available)
Chipper Drum Shaft: 60mm
Shredder Drum Shaft: 60mm
In-feed Roller Shaft Diameter: 40mm
Hydraulic Tank: 40L Steel with breathable cap
Fuel Tank 60L Steel with lockable fuel cap
Weight: 2120Kg
Length: 5200mm
Width: 1850mm
Height: 2230mm
Trailer: SABS Roadworthy Trailer
Axle: 2500kg with mechanical brakes
Tyres: 15” Wheels
Engine: 65 HP Kirloskar 4 Cylinder Diesel
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Clutch: 11” Over Centre
Foldable Feed Tray: 550mm x 1100mm
Toolbox: Steel with Lock