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  • Single Hydraulic Feed Roller
  • Side Auger Discharge
  • Extremely Fuel Efficient
  • Easy to change screens
  • Replaceable Anvil
  • Available in PTO
  • YAMAHA MZ360 Petrol Engine
  • Drum Style Chipper
  • Double Sided Blades
  • Easy to Operate & Maintain
  • SABS 750Kg Roadworthy Trailer

The perfect wood chipper when you want to clear your farm of invader bush species such as Driedoring, Prosopis Glandulosa (Suidwes doring) and Mopane (Colophospermum) branches and convert the side branches to valuable feed (Bos-tot-Kos) for your sheep, cattle and game.

Our TOMCAT Screen chippers limits oversized material by using a screen which allows the blades to cut the bigger material finer. Chip size can be adjusted and different screen size are available on request. An auger is used to discharge the chips to the side of the chipper. Auger extensions are available at an additional cost.

The screen chipper is similar to a standard TOMCAT wood chipper with the same drum, blades, in-feed hopper and hydraulic-feed roller. The big difference is that it does not have a discharge chute and belly-plate. A screen is placed in front of the drum. The material that is too big to go through the screen stays inside and gets chipped finer until it can pass through. This creates a fine uniform chip. If the screen is taken down to the smallest size it creates an end product which can be used directly as animal feed without further processing required.

The drum housing is easy to open and access the drum to do blade maintenance. The screen can easily be taken out and replaced with a smaller or larger screen to manipulate the chip size.


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Chipper Capacity (mm): 125
Chipper Opening (mm): 140 X 200
In-feed Hopper (mm): 850 x 500
Feed System: Hydraulic Feed with single feed roller
Chipper Cutting System: Drum with 2 x double sided blades
Discharge: Side discharge with auger system
Screen: 22mm Standard (18mm & 28mm Screens Available)

Chipper Drum Shaft: 50mm
Fuel Tank: 6.5L
Weight:  750Kg
Length: 3500mm
Width: 1800mm
Height: 1800mm

Trailer: SABS Roadworthy Trailer
Axle: 750Kg unbraked
Tyres: 13” Wheels
Engine: 13 HP YAMAHA MZ360 Petrol Engine

Cooling System: Air Cooled

Clutch: Centrifugal