Hydraulic In-feed Rollers

TOMCAT feed rollers are super powerful and aggressive. Feed rollers are fitted with very sharp knives that bite deep into the wood to ensure that the material does not slip. This minimizes preparation of material with side branches, saves operators a lot of time and means more money in the owner's pocket, whether saving on labour costs or time to get the team to the next job. The feed roller knives can be sharpened using a flap disc when necessary, extending component life.  

The 125 Series uses a single in-feed roller and all other units, from the 150 Series to the Model 375, use double in-feed rollers with reversing auto-feed system.

Forward/Reverse Bar

The forward/reverse bar is fitted on every TOMCAT hydraulic-feed wood chipper. This feature allows the chipper operator to manually control the direction of the feed wheels. When material accidentally grabs a chipper operator and pulls him towards the hopper he can push the bar and the roller will jump into reverse – immediately stopping the feed rollers. The bar has 3 positions: forward, neutral and reverse. When the chipper is working, but not in use, it can be moved to the neutral position as a safety precaution. When a branch has a big V (side branch at 90 degrees) and it gets stuck between the rollers, the rollers can be reversed and the branch easily removed and thrown aside without any hassle.

Parker Hydraulics

Our 200, 250 and 375 Series are all fitted with Parker hydraulic motors. The super powerful Parker hydraulic motors can deliver up to 1150Nm torque. The Parker motor is made in the USA and has a low speed high torque orbital motor with a robust construction. It features continuous oil flow across all the splines to ensure a longer life, superior side load capacity and extra smooth low-speed operation. It comes standard with a high pressure shaft seal. All Parker motors are extremely dependable due to their high quality design and manufacturing.

Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

The hydraulic lift cylinder package optimises the chipper's performance, efficiency and output.  The hydraulic lift cylinder (HLC) provides the operator with the ultimate control over the hydraulic feed system. The operator controls a lever which corresponds with a hydraulic jack connected to the top feed roller. When the operator pulls the lever, the slide-box moves in an upwards direction – opening the in-feed opening. This action increases the chipper’s production when feeding large logs into the chipper, as the operator does not have to struggle to force the chipper’s in-feed rollers to open up and take the branch. When the lever is pushed in the opposite direction the slide-box moves down – exerting downwards pressure with the top feed roller to crush side branches. The hydraulic lift cylinder is an optional extra on the Model 200 Series and Model 250 Series chippers. It comes standard on our Model 375 AFE and Screen Chipper models.

Steel Tanks and Enclosures

The hydraulic and fuel tanks on all our chippers are made from a thick steel construction to withstand all the elements. The steel casing ensures long component life. The fuel caps on all our diesel/petrol tanks are lockable. Drainage plugs are situated at the bottom of the tank.

All the hydraulic parts are hidden inside the steel enclosure to protect it against rain and heavy sun.