FAE Mulchers in South Africa

We had a great time hosting the international sales manager for FAE Mulchers in South Africa last month. Michele came to pay us a visit all the way from FAE Headquarters in Italy for the week of the 11th of February. Francoise, our product specialist, took Michele to the Eastern Cape to see some of their FAE mulchers in action and meet the owners of the equipment. In South Africa there are currently just over 25 active PTO and excavator mulchers. Ideally, we would have wanted to show Michele the whole country, but we only had 3 days to show him around so Francoise decided to take him to the area in South Africa where the most FAE attachments are being used, namely the Eastern Cape. At this stage most of the FAE mulchers in South Africa operate on game farms, doing land clearing and forestry-related tasks. We visited 3 game farms in the Eastern Cape: Kariega, Buffalo Kloof & Hopewell Game Farms.

Buffalo Kloof Game Farm

Our single biggest FAE customer in South Africa at the moment is Buffalo Kloof Game Farm in the Eastern Cape. They own a PTO mulcher (FAE UML/DT/225) and 2 excavator mulchers (FAE UMM/EX150 VT). These attachments were acquired between 2014 and 2017. Since they started with bush clearing (bush thinning) in 2014 they cleared a total of 2500 hectares of encroaching bush. Each FAE mulcher is clearing about 1 ½ hectares per day. The hours on the units vary between 3200 and 3500 hours.

Extremely little maintenance

The most impressive statistic we learned on this trip was the fact that there is so little maintenance that needs to be done on these units. The only maintenance required is the belt tension and gearbox oil replacement. There are more than 100 teeth combined working on these mulchers. In the last 5 years and over 10 000 hours done they only had to replace 10 teeth so far! Only reason why teeth were lost was because of accidentally hitting iron droppers. This is really impressive when you take into account how hard these units work every day. Proof of how extremely tough and cost-effective FAE mulchers are in the long run.

FAE Mulchers are an excellent addition to our product range, and we hope to introduce these quality Italian products to many more South African customers. We would like to thank Michele for taking the time to visit us and hope to see him again soon.