FAE Mulchers in South Africa

TOMCAT Chippers have been the FAE Dealer since 2018 in South Africa. FAE have a big range of products, and the ones that we’ve listed below on our website, is the ones that we’ve learned is the most applicable for our conditions, but not the FAE Range is by no means limited to these models.

We carry stock on some of these models, and others we have to order from FAE in Italy. FAE was founded in 1989, and since then have become a world leader in manufacturing and supplying mulching equipment. We are proud to represent this quality brand in South Africa, and for more information, contact our Sales Team.

The PTO Forestry Mulchers are most popular in:

  1. Forestry industry, where pruned branches are stacked in a row, and tractors with creeper gears, and good ground clearance can mulch the fuel load , so that it does not become a fire hazard
  2. Horticulture sector, like citrus & decidious fruit farming, where there is a lot of pruned material in the orchard rows, and farmers need to get it out of the way in order to ensure that orchard practices like spraying can be done as soon as possible again after pruning.


These machines are powerfully driven by hydraulics. These machines have their most popular application in the South African game farm industry, where one wants to clear large pieces of land cost efficiently.

The benefits of using an Excavator Mulcher are:

  1. Good sight for operators
  2. Operators can be selective in terms of what species they want to mulch
  3. No issue with flat tyres
  4. Not too much traffic that disturbs the field and grass vegetation
  5. Easy to manage, and to measure your production and costs
  6. Your biggest barrier to enter, is the capital layout initially, after that, the benefits speak for themselves.
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This is a fairly new concept in South Africa, with the most popular applications being:

  1. Building roads
  2. Crushing stones in farming applications where the stones cause issues with growing crops efficiently, and where the maintenance on infrastructure is high.

Crops where we have successfully used the FAE STC 200 to create a better working and growing environment are:

  • Table Grapes in the Hex Valley
  • Fynbos Plantations
  • Fields for growing onions where we took out rocky patches to ensure that plant density was realised together with effective irrigation