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  • Hydraulic rear hood
  • Enclosed machine body
  • Centralized greasing hub
  • Hydraulic hoses integrated in the frame
  • Cylinder protection
  • Dual row protection chains
  • Transmission with belts
  • Gearbox with freewheel
  • PTO shaft with cam clutch
  • Bolted-on rotor shafts (in forged steel)
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Z style self ranging system of the PTO drive shaft/gearbox
  • Interchangeable bolted on spike PRO counter-blade
  • Adjustable skids


  • Bolt-on chain’s protection plates
  • Hydraulic clutch transmission
  • Multiple tooth options
  • W style self aligning device between PTO drive shaft/gearbox
  • Special skids to go underground
  • Mechanical guard frame
  • Hydraulic guard frame
  • Extra ripper for guard frame



Product Enquiry

Forestry mulcher for PTO tractors with fixed tooth rotor.

The UMM/DT is a professional forestry mulcher with a fixed rotor system and a mulching capacity up to 30 cm in diameter. This unit is ideal for heavy land clearing applications. The frame has been completely redesigned and it makes the mulcher more maneuverable when working on steep slopes and in extreme conditions.

This model features the new counterblade Spike PRO as standard equipment, and features the new hydrodynamic joints as an option. The UMM/DT also features interchangeable antiware plates in Hardox® steel, new centralized greasing system and guide frame with Ripper guide pins.

TOMCAT Chippers have been the FAE Dealer since 2018 in South Africa. FAE have a big range of products, and the ones that we’ve listed on our website are the ones that we’ve learned are the most applicable for our conditions, but the FAE Range is by no means limited to these models.

We carry stock on some of these models, and others we have to order from FAE in Italy. FAE were founded in 1989, and since then have become a world leader in manufacturing and supplying mulching equipment. We are proud to represent this quality brand in South Africa, and for more information, contact our Sales Team.