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  • 110/60cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor (145-240 L/min)
  • 110cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor (145-240 L/min)

  • Flow control system valve
  • Diverter valve (UML/S/EX/SONIC)
  • Safety and anticavitation valve
  • Enclosed / anti dust machine body
  • Motor enclosed in the frame
  • Poly Chain® belt transmission
  • Bulkhead for hydraulic connections
  • Hydraulic front hood
  • Inner anti wear clad plates FCP
  • Screwed protection chains
  • Interchangeable counterblades
  • Sonic System (UML/S/EX/SONIC)


  • 160/108cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor (235-300 L/min)
  • Customized setting hydraulic motor (UML/S/EX/VT)
  • Diverter valve (UML/S/EX/VT)
  • Additional reinforced side plates
  • Customized attachment bracket with pins
  • Customized attachment bracket with pins and leg
  • Multiple tooth options
  • Rotor Bite Limiter



Product Enquiry

Forestry mulcher with fixed tooth rotor for excavators.

Specifically developed for excavators ranging from 18 – 25 tons. Using key design features, such as interchangeable counter-blades and other engineering advantages, it approaches the performance levels of our largest model the UMM/EX.

Furthermore, the VT automatic variable displacement hydraulic motor increases efficiency. This allows the machine to carry out complex operations effortlessly while working on sides of the roads, along river banks and on steep slopes.

TOMCAT Chippers have been the FAE Dealer since 2018 in South Africa. FAE have a big range of products, and the ones that we’ve listed on our website are the ones that we’ve learned are the most applicable for our conditions, but the FAE Range is by no means limited to these models.

We carry stock on some of these models, and others we have to order from FAE in Italy. FAE were founded in 1989, and since then have become a world leader in manufacturing and supplying mulching equipment. We are proud to represent this quality brand in South Africa, and for more information, contact our Sales Team.