Hour Meter

All our engine-driven wood chippers and the chippers fitted with the reversing auto-feed system are fitted with hour meters. The hours are extremely important as the engines need to be serviced at certain intervals and the blades changed after a certain amount of hours. It is also very convenient to have an hour meter on the chipper if you plan to rent out your chipper and charging at a hourly rate. The hour meters can also be used to track the operator's efficiency and used to work out the chippers production.

Reversing Auto-Feed

All our 150mm to 375mm hydraulic-feed wood chippers are equipped standard with a reversing auto-feed function:

  • The automated feed system gives the owner of the chipper peace of mind as it the allows chipper operator to put any size branch into the chipper without the concern of overfeeding the chipper.
  • The chipper drum, v-belts, clutch and engine are protected, especially when chipping bigger logs.
  • The reversing auto feed system reduces wear on the chipper blades as it enables the in-feed rollers to take logs away from drum while the drum recovers its momentum.
  • The engine can recover quicker which results in higher production per shift, making your chipping unit more efficient.