Enjoy our selection of TOMCAT wood chippers and log splitters in action!

Wood Chipper TOMCAT Model 150 AFE

Wood Chipper TOMCAT Model 375 AFE

Bos-Tot-Kos - Making animal feed from encroaching bush

Wood Chipper Model 375 AFE with Steel In Feed Conveyor

Log Splitter TOMCAT Model 450 HV

TOMCAT Wood Chippers in Action

Log Splitter Model 450 RW

TOMCAT Company Overview

Model 150 AFE Chipper Shredder

Model 150 CDE Prickly Pear Chipper

Engine Driven Chippers in Action

Model 200 AFE Chipping Beefwood

Wood Chipper TOMCAT Model 150
& 200 PTO for tractor

Wood Chipper TOMCAT
Model 100 CDT/CDE

Wood Chipper TOMCAT Model 125 AFE
Screen Chipper

TOMCAT Handlebar Stump Grinder

Compost Turner
TOMCAT Model WN 3000 CT

Chipping grapevines along the Orange River in South Africa
with TOMCAT Model 200 PTO Wood Chipper

Peach Orchard recycling in the Western Cape
with TOMCAT PTO Wood Chipper Model 250 AFP

Fruit Orchard Clean-up - Chipping Olive branches
with a TOMCAT Wood Chipper M200 AFE (Western Cape)

TOMCAT Wood Chipper Model 200 AFE

FAE STC 200 DT PTO Tractor Mobile Stone Crusher