PTO Chipper Trailerized Options

All our PTO (tractor driven) chippers are built standard on a base with skids that hooks up on 3 point of the tractor. Trailerized options makes it easier to connect and transport a PTO chipper over longer distances. It also takes a lot of strain off of the tractors 3-point especially when the chippers 3 point hydraulic system cannot pick up the weight of chipper. Trailerized options are available upon request at an additional cost on all our PTO chippers. We currently have 2 trailerized options:

40km/h Roadworthy Trailer

The SABS approved roadworthy 40km/h trailer option is has an un-braked axle and can be towed on public roads at speeds of up to 40km/h. Its got leaf springs and an eye coupler connects up to the tractor’s tow bar. It’s got a lower feeding height than the Farm Trailer option and reduces operator fatigue. This option is not available after-market and must be ordered before-hand.

120km/h Roadworthy Trailer

The 120km/h trailer is the same as the 40km/h unit, but has a braked-axle can be towed on public roads up to speeds of 120km/h. The Roadworthy options are not available after market and needs to be requested before purchase of a PTO chipper.


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