Bolts, Nuts, Bearings, Pulleys & V-Belts

Bearings, pulleys, drive belts, bolts and nuts used on TOMCAT chippers are the most affordable and easily available of all the major chipper brands on the South African market. This reduces downtime & running costs significantly. All bearings, pulleys and v-belts are sourced from local suppliers with dealer networks across the country. Chipper drum bearings and in-feed roller bearings used on TOMCAT chippers are available over the counter in most towns and cities across South Africa. Bearings are extremely affordable and are not custom-made to fit on TOMCAT units only. TOMCAT uses standard metric sizes and stock items as far as possible to avoid special imported parts which can lead to downtime when a breakdown occurs on the chipper. Bolts and nuts used on our equipment come in metric sizes, making them extremely affordable and easy to find and replace.

Blades (Chipper Knives)

TOMCAT uses only the best quality blades available for wood chippers. Our blades (knives) are made from “chipper steel” imported from the highest quality mills around the globe. The blades are heat treated with an induction process to ensure higher ductility, lower distortion and improved resistance to wear. The centre of the blade is softer than the outside edges to ensure the blade maintains its cutting performance and lasts longer, while the softer mid section absorbs shock while chipping – thus enhancing blade life.

Our blades are double-sided, which means there are two sharp sides on a blade. This reduces running costs as you can get double the lifespan from one blade.

The blades can also be sharpened using a surface grinder. This extends component life and reduces chipping costs.

Replaceable Anvil

Our TOMCAT anvils are replaceable and easily exchangeable. They are made from a specific steel which allows the anvil to last for 100s of hours and allows the anvil to absorb shock. The anvil has 4 cutting sides on most TOMCAT wood chippers and can be turned around. TOMCAT anvils come with special hardware that allows the technician to easily adjust the anvil and secure it into place.