Tomcat Chippers helping Macadamia Farmers improve their crops!

Wood Chippers for Macadamia Farmers

For the first 4 to 5 years in the life of a macadamia orchard, the focus should be on maintaining a strong and healthy root system to support productive tree canopies in order to optimize yields. Optimally one should strive to mimic the forest floor conditions that exist in their natural forest habitat. These soils are most in need of mulch and organic matter. This is where a TOMCAT Chipper can play a major role. A wood chipper for macadamia farmers can produce/convert biomass into mulch for use on your macadamia trees. Mulch over this crucial time helps with the following:

  • Build microbial activity
  • Assist in weed suppression
  • Suppress diseases (e.g. Phytophthora)
  • Protect from erosion
  • More controlled soil temperatures, thus maximising root volume
  • Reduce water loss
  • Improve soil pH
  • Improve nutrient holding capacity and availability via organic matter
  • Improve drainage
  • Increase in plant available water due to the aspects above
wood chipper for macadamia farmers

As trees get older, they start to drop leaves, which then ultimately start to create their own mulch. However, the more mulch is added, the faster the process to create high organic matter, active mycorrhiza, and soil micro-organism activity happens. Here again the TOMCAT Chipper helps by going down the line and chipping all the pruning material back onto the plant line. This is a huge saving as the farmer does not have to spend money on expensive chelated products, as mulch/compost naturally chelates micro-nutrients.

Contact us if you are looking for a wood chipper for macadamia farmers or need advice on how to best use a TOMCAT Chipper on your farm.

Watch our Tomcat Wood Chipper in Action –
Chipping Macadamia Nut Trees in an Orchard