Our First Tracked Wood Chipper!

It was another first for TOMCAT Chippers last week: we successfully built our first ever mobile track wood chipper! A few days ago the Model 250 AFE tracked wood chipper was delivered to an extremely happy client in Limpopo, who is particularly pleased with the efficiency and performance of the unit.

But why would one want to have a tracked wood chipper? Well, here are some of the benefits of purchasing a wood chipper on tracks:

  • You only require one operator since you don’t need someone to operate the tractor/ bakkie.
  • The operator of the chipper has a remote control with full control over the feeding mechanisms, engine and steering.
  • The machine can make shorter turns and move around easily in tight spaces.
  • The chipper discharges wood chips directly back into the orchard – thus reducing handling significantly.
  • There are no punctures/ flat wheels in the orchard with the track chipper.
  • The chipper drives to the wood without having to drive over the material.
  • This machine is easily transported with its uniquely designed transport trailer.
  • You only require 3 people to properly feed the chipper.
  • With light maintenance pruning you can chip approximately 10 hectares in an 8 hour day.
  • After heavy pruning you will be able to chip approximately 5 hectares in an 8 hour shift.
  • The aim is to prune and chip your material within 3 weeks in order for the normal orchard practices to continue.

We love to see our TOMCAT chippers being utilized so efficiently and with an adaptation that really improves productivity in the orchard.