Bos Tot Kos

How to make “Bos-tot-Kos”/ Bushfeed!

Download article as PDF - English / Afrikaans Using encroaching bush/ alien vegetation for livestock feed Every year when a ...
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Tea Tree

TOMCAT and Tea Tree in KZN

The tea tree industry in KwaZulu-Natal has seen a significant growth in the last couple of years. This can be ...
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Tomcat Chippers helping Macadamia Farmers improve their crops!

For the first 4 to 5 years in the life of a macadamia orchard, the focus should be on maintaining ...
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Blueberry prunings efficiently converted to mulch

We are seeing phenomenal growth in the berry farming industry, especially blueberry farming, and with this a resourceful application for ...
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Wood chips mulch helps save water!

The last couple of years we have seen a dramatic increase in the use of wood chips as mulch throughout ...
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The Basics About Compost

Download article as PDF Defining compost Compost in its simplest form is a recycling process where organic matter such as ...
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Clearing Alien Vegetation

Understanding and controlling alien vegetation in South Africa

Download PDF version What is alien vegetation? Alien vegetation is plants and trees that are native in another country and ...
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Chipping Palms, Reeds and Grapevines

chipping palm fronds

Chipping fibrous palm fronds, reeds & grapevines with ease!

Download article as PDF Palms are one of the most popular trees in Southern Africa especially along the coastal towns ...
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