Why choose TOMCAT?

We at TOMCAT Chippers absolutely believe in our products, but why exactly should a customer choose a TOMCAT chipper? Below is a list of the many benefits of opting for our fantastic wood chippers.

  • The manufacturing and selling of wood chippers are our of main focus areas, which allows us to be experienced in the field, in touch with our clients and have a thorough product knowledge of every unit we manufacture and sell.
  • Our machines are locally manufactured and this allows for quick delivery times, reduces downtime, ensures great after sales support and back-up on wear parts.
  • TOMCAT is a durable product, built for our unique African conditions. It is also very easy to use and maintain.
  • We are the only local manufacturer who manufacturers such a wide range of hydraulic-feed drum-style chippers within the 100mm and 375mm capacity machines. Each new design undergoes thorough and rigorous testing during the R&D period before it is added to the product line.
  • An extra set of blades and a torque wrench to turn the blades around is included in the price. This reduces downtime for operators and increases efficiency.
  • We offer free delivery anywhere in South Africa.
  • Full product introduction on day of delivery is offered at no extra cost.
  • We have service vehicles with qualified technicians that can service the chipper at your premises.
  • A 1-year warranty on the construction of the machine is given.
  • The team behind TOMCAT is driven, dynamic and passionate! We pride ourselves on what we do and how we do it.

Feel free to contact us for any more info on our great product range. We would love to hear from you.