Forestry Mulchers - Hydraulic


Disc Stump Cutter For Excavators. The SCM/EX/VT is designed to remove stumps quickly and easily. The front hood with hydraulic adjustment and front fixed thumb are designed to shift previously cut material. This feature combined with the reliability and resistance of the disc allows for the best performance and safety while the stumps are being removed.

TOMCAT Chippers have been the FAE Dealer since 2018 in South Africa. FAE have a big range of products, and the ones that we’ve listed on our website are the ones that we’ve learned are the most applicable for our conditions, but the FAE Range is by no means limited to these models.

We carry stock on some of these models, and others we have to order from FAE in Italy. FAE were founded in 1989, and since then have become a world leader in manufacturing and supplying mulching equipment. We are proud to represent this quality brand in South Africa, and for more information, contact our Sales Team.