Our PTO driven heads can be easily attached to a tractor and are chosen according to the intended use and to the specifications of the attachment. Our line of forestry tillers, mulchers, stone crushers, stump cutters, and multi-function heads provide you with excellent results. Always produced with the highest-quality materials, our forestry machines stand out for their sturdiness and reliability over time.


FORESTRY MULCHER WITH FIXED TOOTH ROTOR (UML/ST) OR SWINGING HAMMER ROTOR (FML/ST). This forestry mulcher was designed and built for use with low horsepower tractors. It is rated for bushes, crop residue, and trees up to 25 (max diameter). The UML/ST (or FML/ST) is a compact, heavy duty mulcher with high productivity.


FORESTRY MULCHER WITH FIXED TOOTH ROTOR (UML/DT) OR SWINGING HAMMER ROTOR (FML/DT). A high production forestry mulcher with the strength to mulch bushes, crop residue, and trees up to a maximum 25 cm in diameter. The UML/DT - FML/DT has a compact size and heavy duty construction making it an ideal solution for many different applications. The dual transmission allows for better power distribution, giving the mulcher better mechanical advantage when working in heavy material.    


FORESTRY MULCHER WITH FIXED TOOTH ROTOR A professional mulcher with fixed teeth for processing material up to 30 cm in diameter. The UMM/DT offers a compact size that makes it easy to handle while mulching, especially for difficult applications like steep slopes. This mulcher features a heavy duty frame with protection integrated for the cylinder and hydraulic link. It also features interchangeable counter-blades for easy maintenance and replacement, as well as a centralized greasing hub, push frame with ripper, and adjustable linkage for mounting to a 3 point hitch.    


FORESTRY MULCHER WITH FIXED TOOTH ROTOR. The UMM is a robust mulcher with high productivity and light weight. Equipped with a fixed tooth rotor, the UMM is a very versatile mulcher capable of running on tractors from 180 HP to 350 HP. It is rated to mulch trees up to 35 cm diameter. Our auto aligning PTO system helps ensure an optimum working position.


FORESTRY MULCHER WITH FIXED TOOTH ROTOR. UMH/MEGA is a unique forestry mulcher. It is designed for the most powerful tractors available, and allows you to work large areas in a quick and effective way. The UMH/MEGA was built for operators seeking a highly productive mulcher combined with an extremely efficient tiller. It can mulch trees up to 50 cm diameter and grind at a depth of 25 cm, all in one machine.