Great demand for effective Stone Crushers in agricultural sector

At Tomcat Chippers we are always looking for ways to improve our clients’ productivity. During 2019 we invested a lot of time in doing market research and meeting with grain farmers, which convinced us that there’s a need for a tractor-driven stone crusher to assist farmers in their fields.

First stone crusher for Tomcat

So in February this year we received our very own Stone Crusher, the FAE STC 200 DT. This is an extremely specialized tool with just one goal in mind – crushing rocks!

We started to test the Model STC200 FAE mulcher head in various application to see what the production output of this unit is and also to test its limits. We placed the unit in different soil conditions and areas, crushing shale rock, clay banks, limestone and even “ysterklip”. Our tests also showed that the slower the ground speed of the machine is, the finer the end product.

Why a stone crusher?

The biggest reason why grain farmers need a machine to break rocks in their fields is to make the use of pesticides more effective. When farmers spray pesticides, the liquid is sprayed onto the rock and as a result doesn’t penetrate the ground, leaving the seeds of the weeds intact.

Here are some of the stats of our tests:

Tractor: New Holland 180 hp
FAE Mulcher: Model STC 200 Stone Crusher dual transmission
Ground speed: 4km/h
Material crushed: “Yster klip”
Working depth: 50mm
Size of final product: < 25mm
Area covered: 1 hectares per hour

Tractor: New Holland 180 hp
FAE Mulcher: Model STC 200 Stone Crusher dual transmission
Ground speed: 2.5km/h
Material crushed: Shale rock, clay banks, limestone
Working depth: 100mm
Size of final product:  < 25mm
Area covered:  0.5 hectares per hour


This Model 200 Stone Crusher can crush and grind rocks of up to 300mm in diameter at a maximum working depth of 200mm below the surface. The internal counter knife and the rear door is made from Hardox® for better protection and resistance against wear. The counter knife inside the mulcher is replaceable and adjustable to manipulate the size of the final product. The rear door dozes material as it leaves the crushing chamber. It comes with a hydraulic hood, belt driven transmission system, cam clutch on the PTO-shaft and flat-pressed, welded steel counter blades. Multiple tooth options are available for different environments.

What type of tractor is needed?

The tractor requirement is 180 to 220 hp. It is the ideal unit for rental contractors or grain farmers with large pieces of land as the mulcher requires a big tractor to power it (which you don’t find on every farm).

If you are interested to see the stone crusher in action and you’ve got the right tractor to drive it, please contact us now to arrange a demo.