Hydraulic lift cylinders now standard on all our Model 200 and 250 chippers

TOMCAT Model 200 and Model 250 wood chippers will from now on be built standard* with a hydraulic lift cylinder. The hydraulic lift cylinder is used to crush side nasty branches and also lift the top feed roller up so that large logs and branches can easily be inserted into the back of the in-feed opening. Hydraulic lift cylinders (HLC) mounted on the top feed-roller offer a function that increases efficiency, reduces downtime and operator fatigue.

For a long time this feature has been an optional extra on our Model 200 and 250 wood chippers, but the feedback from the market made us realise that this should be standard, since it is an unbelievable asset to the performance of the chipper and increases the output of the chipper significantly. It also helps to reduce the frustration levels of  operators as they no longer have to struggle with nasty side branches that won’t to feed into the machine. Without the HLC this situation would force the operator to reverse the wood out and cut off the side limbs that cause the issue. Now with the added hydraulic life cylinder function operators can break these awkward branches off with the pull of a lever. Truly a great feature!

The HLC  is especially effective with bush, citrus and olive prunings and acacia species. We hope our customers will enjoy the benefits of this efficient addition to our chippers.

*TOMCAT Model 200 and Model 250 wood chippers will from now on be built standard with the HLC except if the customer specifically requests otherwise for their specific application.