Institute for the Blind – Our Valued Supplier

It is with great pride that we would like to introduce one of our key suppliers – the Metal Department of the Institute for the Blind in Worcester.

The Metal Department was established in 1962 with the original focus being the manufacturing of studs for the South African Railways. They were one of six business units belonging to the Institute for the Blind. Since those days the department has expanded and grown to become a sophisticated manufacturing department which can supply the same products most other metal manufacturing plants can produce. Some of the original ‘Lathe’ machines dating back to the 60s are still in use today. The bulk of the machines currently used by their employees with visual impairment are the “Ward” and “Herbert” Lathe machines. The department has 16 machines in working order and also a Victor 26 CNC machine for more specialised jobs operated by a sighted, professionally qualified Fitter & Turner.

The Metal Department currently provides work for 21 employees of which 15 employees are visually impaired. The Institute for the Blind is mainly an employer for the visually impaired workers, who, without the assistance and support of the Institute through the provision of jobs and sometimes also accommodation, would not be able to live productive “normal” lives. It is also a well-known fact that 97% of blind individuals in South Africa are currently unemployed!

The Institute for the Blind’s Metal Department is one of TOMCAT Manufacturing’s key suppliers. They currently manufacture some of the most important drive parts on our TOMCAT Chippers. The components they produce are of outstanding quality, always delivered on time and at the best possible price. The workshop is always clean and tidy and we are privileged to deal with a such unique and dedicated organisation. We would like to thank the Workshop Manager Kobus Verreynne for all his effort, hard work and patience with his employees. We look forward to doing business with you in 2015!