Permanently Lower Blade Prices for TOMCAT Customers!

We are thrilled to announce a long-term reduction of our blade prices for TOMCAT customers! Thanks to our new supplier this change in price is not just a special offer, but will result in continuously lower prices without a compromise in quality. Just another way we at TOMCAT Chippers look after our clients!

We have recently switched to a new blade supplier, also based in the USA. We are now purchasing the same high quality blades at a more competitive price, thus allowing us to sell our blades to our clients at an even lower price than before. Different prices apply according to the size of the blade, but we can now sell our entire range of blades between 20 and 30% less than before. So with these new prices there is no reason for not owning an extra set of blades for your TOMCAT chipper.

Contact our office now for our updated pricelist on our blades.


Your chipper blades are the heart of your machine. Please keep the following in mind:
– The blades should be checked each morning for damage and sharpness.
– Dull or severely damaged blades should never be used.
– Rather turn your blades around sooner than waiting too long. Blunt blades will increase fuel consumption and vibration causing structural damage to the unit.
– Blunt blades will produce poor quality chips and this will cause the discharge chute to block consistently.
– Never mix a set of blades. Always keep the two blades as a pair. This will keep your drum balanced and minimize vibration.
– Ensure that the engine is switched off completely and the drum comes to a complete stop before performing ANY form of maintenance, especially on the drum and blades!
– Use the correct bolts with your TOMCAT blades and torque them at the correct tension as indicated in the owner’s manual.
– Do not torque your blade bolts more than 8 times.