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Chipping Swarthaak in the Kalahari

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Bos-tot-Kos | Bush feed | Feed for livestock | Clearing of invasive species


  • 150mm capacity chipper
  • Options: 20Hp HONDA petrol,
    35Hp PERKINS diesel or PTO * 
  • Electronic reversing auto-feed
  • Single in-feed roller with hydraulic lift & crush feature
  • TAKBOK hydraulics
  • Replaceable anvil & wear strips
  • Foldable feed tray
  • All units supplied on farm trailers
  • PTO unit requires 35-60Hp tractor

Our TOMCAT screen chipper was designed and developed specifically for farmers in drought-stricken areas where there was no natural food in the veld and the sheep, goats and cattle were fed in feed pens. The screen chipper limits oversized material with the use of a screen, which allows the blades to cut the bigger material finer until it falls through the screen. Chip size can be adjusted with different sized screens to create the desired product. An auger is used to discharge the chips to the side of the chipper, where the material can be discharged directly into bags. Auger extensions are available at an additional cost, should you want to load trailers.

Why should I consider a TOMCAT screen chipper?
• The machine is purpose-built to chip the side branches of invasive trees quickly and efficiently day in and day out!
• The drum-style design cuts with the grain of the wood and changing the cutting blades only takes a couple of minutes
• NO NEED FOR DOUBLE HANDLING OR FURTHER PROCESSING. The screen keeps the material in the chipping chamber until it passes through the screen, which will allow you to get the desired end product. This saves you time, labour and fuel!
• Branches are quickly processed down to the desired wood chip size in one pass, which optimises production and efficiency.
• Removing encroacher bush will make grass grow when it rains and utilising the biomass as roughage is a win-win!
• The hydraulic lift & crush feature greatly optimises the production (feed rate) and limits prep time by giving the operator more control over the feeding process, resulting in higher production. A must-have when you want to chip Swarthaak (Acacia Mellifera).
• All wear parts are easily accessible, which makes this machine easy to maintain and an absolute pleasure to work with.
• The screen chamber is easy to open and screens are effortless to change.
• Screen chipper range is available in PTO, 20Hp HONDA petrol or 35Hp PERKINS diesel *


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Chipper Capacity (mm): 150
Chipper Opening (mm): 240 X 160
In-feed Hopper (mm): 1000 x 600
Feed System: Hydraulic Feed with single feed roller
Chipper Cutting System: Drum with 2 x double sided blades
Hydraulic Lift Cylinder: Yes
Reversing Auto Feed System: Yes
Discharge: Side discharge with auger system
Screen: 22mm Standard (18mm & 28mm Screens Available)
Chipper Drum Shaft: 60mm
Fuel Tank: 40L
Weight:  950Kg
Length: 4200mm
Width: 1800mm
Height: 2100mm
Trailer: SABS Roadworthy Trailer
Axle: 1600Kg with mechanical brakes
Tyres: 14” Wheels
Engine: 20 HP HONDA GX630 Petrol Engine or 35 HP PERKINS 403D15 Diesel Engine
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Clutch: Centrifugal