TOMCAT enjoys the Agriworks Farmers Expo

We have just returned from the very successful Agriworks Farmers Expo last week.

In spite of gazebo-swiping winds as everyone set up on Wednesday, the show had to carry on. By Thursday the weather played along beautifully and the sports ground was filled with excited visitors and exhibitors enjoying the atmosphere.

Tomcat Chippers had great fun at the stand with Arbor Supply! There was never a dull moment with live demos of our chippers throughout each day. The team from Echo had chainsaw racing twice a day, which made for awesome entertainment for the visitors. There was even a chainsaw wood carving done. On Sunday the visitors were treated to watching a race between a Harley Davidson and a Hustler Lawnmower!

Overall it was a fantastic show and we want to thank everyone who attended and showed an interest in our products. TOMCAT Chippers would also specifically like to thank Russel Meaker from Arbor Supply for giving us a place on his well organised stand. We had a great time and can’t wait for next year!