FAE Stone Crusher impresses

We visited a client several weeks ago who uses a FAE Stone Crusher Model STC/DT200. This is an absolute monster of a stone crusher and what it does is simply amazing. It is impressive to see this unit breaking rocks of 300mm in diameter and as deep as 200mm in the ground down to pieces of 25mm in diameter in a matter of seconds.

The main reason for the FAE stone crusher becoming increasingly popular in South Africa is the fact that it saves so much time and money. The crushed rock is used to replace the grit and the over-sized rocks can be processed quickly on site. This allows you to get the job done quicker and saving you on transport.

The Model STC/DT200 requires a tractor with 150 to 250 Hp to work efficiently. The unit has got a dual transmission which guarantees uniform torque and high productivity. The unit comes with an adjustable anvil which will determine how big or small the end product will be. The use of Hardox steel on the skids, side plows, anvil and rear door ensures high wear resistance which guarantees long lifespan and a good return on investment. There are also different teeth available depending on the environment/application.

For any enquiries or more info on our FAE range of Stone Crushers do not hesitate to contact us now!