Our first 3m Compost Turner

We experienced another first at the TOMCAT factory when successfully completed our very first TOMCAT Model WN3000CT and delivered it to its new owner in KZN! It was in the middle of 2019 when we reached an agreement with Wikkelnick to start with the manufacturing of his compost turners. The compost turner is Wikkelnick’s own design and he has been manufacturing/ selling them since 2000 at his factory in Worcester.

Turning your compost heap around is a very important part of making compost and can be done by hand, using a TLB or a compost turner. A compost turner is a specialised tool designed to turn the compost efficiently, break all the clods finer, remove large rocks from the compost and put oxygen into the compost which increases the microbial activity. Turning your compost regularly with a compost turner enhances the rate at which the microbes work – giving you a better quality compost in less time.

Our compost turner is strongly built with simplicity and durability in mind, which makes it extremely easy to use and maintain. The Model WN3000CT can do a maximum 3m row width and work at a speed of 250 to 750 meters per hour. There are 52 teeth placed on the rotor, each of them with a unique angle and position to ensure the compost is brought up from the bottom to the top and from the outside to the inside. This allows the compost rows to have a chimney effect to create the perfect flow of carbon dioxide/ oxygen . Our compost turners are available for 1.6m or 3.0m row widths.