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Hartebeesloop Farmer’s Day in Namibia

On 16 & 17 May 2019 we had the privilege of joining our TOMCAT Chippers dealer JDE Agri at the annual Hartebeesloop Farmer’s Day outside Stampriet in the South of Namibia. We had the chance to demonstrate our products, including our brand new TOMCAT Model 150 AFE Chipper Shredder, and also spoke to existing customers already using our products. We received brilliant feedback regarding our quality of manufacturing, our service, chipper output and much more. We also spoke to many farmers throughout Namibia about the effect of the drought in their region and the fact that bushfeed is really the only option left to pull their cattle/game through this drought.

After the Hartebeesloop Farmer’s Day we made some deliveries with the sales manager from JDE Agri, Marius Cronje, from Gobabis all the way to Kamajab and visited some existing customers. We chipped various species including Mopane, Swarthaak, Sickelbush, Sweetthorn, Gabbabos, Prosopis and Moringa.

All in all it was a very productive visit and an awesome experience to attend the Farmer’s Day. We would like to thank each and every customer in Namibia who has loyally supported us up to now. A big thanks also to JDE Agri for all the effort they put in our brand in Namibia.

Hartebeesloop Boeredag in Namibia

Ons het die voorreg gehad om saam met ons TOMCAT Chippers handelaar JDE Agri die Hartebeesloop Boeredag op 16 & 17 Mei 2019 buite Stampriet in die suide van Namibia by te woon. Dit was ‘n ongelooflike goeie dag en ons het uitstekende terugvoering gekry uit die mark in verband met ons chippers se werkverrigting, ons diens, asook produksiesyfers van ons chippers. Ons het ook ons nuwe TOMCAT Model 150 AFE Chipper Shredder getoets en produksiesyfers gemeet. Dit was ‘n harde realiteit om te hoor wat die effek van die droogte sovêr regoor Namibia was en die uitwerking wat dit gehad het.

Ons het ook na afloop van die boeredag saam met die verkoops-verteenwoordiger van JDE Agri, Marius Cronje, aflewerings gedoen van Gobabis tot by Kamanjab en bestaande kliënte besoek. Ons het verskeie soorte materiaal gekerf soos Mopanie, Swarthaak, Sekelbos, Soetdoring, Gabbabos, Prosopis en selfs Moringa.

Van TOMCAT Chippers se kant af wil ons graag dankie sê aan elke kliënt in Namibia wat ons tot nou toe baie lojaal ondersteun het. Baie dankie ook aan JDE Agri en al die moeite wat hulle vir ons TOMCAT produkte doen in Namibia.

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