TOMCAT Log Splitter

While our manufacturing plant at TOMCAT Chippers has been producing our own sought-after wood chipper models for years, the recent addition of log splitters to our TOMCAT range is an exciting new chapter for us.

Why log splitters?

After one of our local hydraulic suppliers in Cape Town mentioned that he believes there is a market for a high quality, locally-built log splitter, we considered the idea. Since log splitters are directly in our line of work and we had the extra capacity in our manufacturing plant, it seemed like a logical step. Apart from this South Africa has a thriving braai culture and every South African household needs braai wood! So we decided to build our first prototype log splitter.

Perfecting the model

Log splitters are not a new technology and there are plenty of competitive machines available, so our aim was to stand out by building the toughest log splitter on the African continent at the lowest possible price and that is exactly what we did. Our first log splitter was built in the beginning of 2016 and put through its paces with proper R&D testing by our entire workforce and existing customers. We learned a lot and made improvements on it as we went along. The official launch of our log splitter range was in 2017. Today we have an electric unit, one fitted on a roadworthy trailer and our best-selling unit is the 450 horizontal/vertical log splitter.

What makes our log splitters unique?

One of the key aspects that puts our log splitters in a league of their own is their tough build. The entire design and construction is solid and built to last for years even under the hardest circumstances. The other factor that contributes to the success of the log splitter is the two stage (Hi/Low) hydraulic pump. It pushes the blade quickly towards the stump and once it enters the wood it moves slower, but with more pressure. The standard Model 450 HV can split any type of wood from Black Wattle to Blue Gum. Our units are also extremely easy to operate and maintain.

All the parts on the log splitter are locally sourced from our trusted supplier network in South Africa except for the electronic hour meter on the engine and the hydraulic log splitter valve. The control valve is imported from the USA and specifically designed for log splitters. We also use a Yamaha MZ360 petrol engine on our log splitters. It is extremely light on fuel and requires little maintenance.

We also manufacture a log splitter with a 1 metre bed. This log-splitter is built to be used in combination with a wood chipper. The splitter is used to split large diameter logs into smaller diameter pieces so that you can make them small enough to fit into the chipper. This is an alternative to buying a large wood chipper. You can purchase a 200mm chipper and a log splitter and still be able to process wood with diameters of up to 600mm.

What our customers think:

Some responses we get from our customers when we demonstrate/deliver our log splitters:

“Tough and powerful. Built simple but strong.”

“Super impressive. This log splitter can truly split anything.

“There is no splitter in its class that comes close to this splitting power”

“Unbelievable. One of the most underrated log splitters on the South African Market”

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