Tomcat Chipper for Organic Veggie Farmer in Philippi, Cape Town

organic farming wood chipper application

The long-awaited Tomcat Chipper On Friday we had the privilege of delivering a Model 125 AFE to one very enthusiastic customer: Nazeer is an organic vegetable farmer on the farm Vegkop, Philippi in Cape Town. He is also one of the people who probably had the longest wait for his brand new TOMCAT Wood Chipper. Nazeer has…

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Chipping fibrous palm fronds, reeds & grapevines with ease!

chipping palm fronds - wood chipper for palms

Download article as PDF Palms are one of the most popular trees in Southern Africa especially along the coastal towns of our country. Worldwide there are more than 2600 different palm species and most of them only occur in tropical climates. They are relatively easy growing, don’t require too much water, can withstand gale force…

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Happy Easter from all of us

Easter greeting

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. – Desmond Tutu – During this difficult and uncertain time we would like to wish all our clients and our TOMCAT family a blessed and joyful Easter! We hope you will feel encouraged and hopeful, stay connected to your loved…

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Understanding and controlling alien vegetation in South Africa

Download PDF version What is alien vegetation? Alien vegetation is plants and trees that are native in another country and came over to our country where they settled between our indigenous vegetation. Some alien vegetation was brought to South Africa centuries ago intentionally as these plants possess many beneficial properties: they make great timber, are…

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The Basics About Compost


Download article as PDF Defining compost Composting in its simplest form is a recycling process where organic matter such as wood, vegetable scraps and leaves which is regarded as waste, is decomposed and turned into a product rich in nutrients that feeds the soil. Compost is the product created through a natural process where organic…

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Great demand for effective Stone Crushers in agricultural sector

At Tomcat Chippers we are always looking for ways to improve our clients’ productivity. During 2019 we invested a lot of time in doing market research and meeting with grain farmers, which convinced us that there’s a need for a tractor-driven stone crusher to assist farmers in their fields. First stone crusher for Tomcat So…

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Our first 3m Compost Turner

We experienced another first at the TOMCAT factory when successfully completed our very first TOMCAT Model WN3000CT and delivered it to its new owner in KZN! It was in the middle of 2019 when we reached an agreement with Wikkelnick to start with the manufacturing of his compost turners. The compost turner is Wikkelnick’s own…

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